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کد آمازون 0683045482
رتبه کتاب 414768
توضیحات Containing broad coverage of clinical audiology in areas of both diagnosis and rehabilitation, this work includes information on the nature of auditory disorders, peripheral and auditory functions and physiological evaluation of the auditory system. Over 60 contributors present historical and thheoretical, practical information on an array of topics in audiology. As well as giving information regarding sensory aids and communication training, the text covers special populations and management of auditory problems. In this fourth edition, chapters covering developing areas have been expanded or added, which should ensure up-to-date information for both students and clinicians. The section on physiological measurements has also been expanded and now includes electrocochlegraphy, middle and long latency responses and otocoustic emissions. Coverage of approaches in hearing aids and other aspects of aural rehabilitation includes cochlear implants, vibrotactile aids and rehabilitation of children. This text gives a foundation of the basic audiological process and should therefore serve as a reference for practising audiologists, as well as audiology students.
نویسنده Jack, Ph.D. Katz, Wilma Laufer, M.S. Gabbay, Saralyn Gold
جلد Hardcover
Brand Brand: Williams n Wilkins
EAN 9780683045482
Edition 4th
Feature Used Book in Good Condition
ISBN 0683045482
ابعاد 1150x900
برچسب Williams & Wilkins
زبان English
سازنده Williams & Wilkins
تعداد آیتم 1
تعداد صفحه 839
ابعاد بسته 181x866
محصول Book
نوع محصول ABIS_BOOK
تاریخ انتشار 1994-01-15
ناشر Williams & Wilkins
استدیو Williams & Wilkins
عنوان Handbook of Clinical Audiology
کد کشور
سال انتشار 1994
ماه انتشار 10
روز انتشار 1
ناشر Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
میانگین امتیاز 4.08

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