Texting Titan!: 120 Tips to Avoid Mistakes & Become More Attractive When Texting Women

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جدول کتاب Texting Titan!: 120 Tips to Avoid Mistakes & Become More Attractive When Texting Women:

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عنوان The Art of the Text
زیر عنوان The Ultimate Guide on Texting Girls
نویسنده Zac Miller
ناشر Independently Published
تاریخ انتشار 2018-06-28
توضیحات Learn This Information As Soon As You Get The Book: ● Learn why texting is such a BIG deal in today's society and how it can make or break your chances with girls! (Page 6) ● Use the equation on this page to GUARANTEE you won't ever get flaked on for a date again. (Page 7) ● I devout all of Chapter 2 to explaining the easiest ways to get a girl's number. (Page 9) ● When all else fails just remember this pocket guide to getting a girl's number and you can't go wrong! (Page 13) ● I've found doing this one thing is the best chance you have if a girl isn't responding to your text messages. (Page 16) ● Flip a common technique girls use on guys and have her thinking about you all day. (Page 17) ● Should you use emoticons? (Page 18) ● Don't be another guy making this common mistake! (Page 19) ● If a girl puts any of these items in her text messages, it's an indicator that she's into you. (Page 20) ● Use this copy and paste line after you get a girl's number to introduce yourself. (Page 22) ● The two MAIN reasons guys mess up with texting AND with girls in general. (Page 25) ● Just remember this easy to remember slogan when texting girls and you can't go wrong. (Page 26) ● Use any of these TWENTY NINE "copy and paste" example opener messages to start texting girls right away. (Page 28) ● Violation of this rule will kill your chances with a girl faster than anything else. (Page 31) ● Make sure you never mention this one word when texting girls. (Page 33) ● Learn how to build attraction with women and what your main focus of texting should be. (Page 34) ● A HUGE list of example nicknames you can assign to different girls you are texting. (Page 35) ● The science of projecting messages into the future. (Page 35) ● In chapter 6 I teach you how to ask girls on dates by giving you lines you can use via texts or on the phone. I don't leave you hanging either, I give you tons of great first date ideas and how to handle texts after the date. (Page 37) ● And so much MORE! Don't waste time. Take control of your life and learn to text girls today!
تعداد صفحه 68
نوع چاپ BOOK
دسته بندی Family & Relationships
رتبه بندی سنی NOT_MATURE
زبان en
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