Lottery Master Guide: Turn a Game of Chance Into a Game of Skill

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جدول کتاب Lottery Master Guide: Turn a Game of Chance Into a Game of Skill:

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عنوان Beat the Odds in the Lottery
زیر عنوان How a Pro FOREX Trader Also Plays and Wins the Lottery
تاریخ انتشار 2018-04-18
توضیحات Igor R. Toshchakov (L.A. Igrok) - professional FOREX market trader, international private funds' manager and educator since 1993. He is the inventor of the "Igrok Method of Trading Templates" and the author of the book "Beat the Odds in FOREX Trading. How to Identify and Profit from High-Percentage Market Patterns" by Wiley Trading, 2006. The book has also been translated and published in Japanese and Russian.His new book "Beat the Odds in the Lottery. How a Pro FOREX Trader Also Plays & Wins the Lottery" is fully based on his own research and experience of playing lotteries. By using his newly developed original method the author won two major lottery prizes in just three months.
نوع چاپ BOOK
رتبه بندی سنی NOT_MATURE
زبان en
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