Copywriting That Sells High Tech

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عنوان Copywriting 2019
زیر عنوان The Most Updated Guide to Creating the Best Copy in the Market and Taking Any Business to the Next Level
نویسنده James Stone
ناشر Independently Published
تاریخ انتشار 2019-02-26
توضیحات Are you feeling overwhelmed by your pursuit of a successful copywriting career? Don't worry, this book is here to help you learn exactly that and more. Are you asking yourself how? It's simpler than you think. It just takes a little bit of patience and planning. This book will show you and explain to you ways in which you can achieve your dream of breaking into the copywriting world and start working on your portfolio. You will learn about the different tactics and strategies you should be aware of to make it to the top, including the use of different copywriting styles, how to build a powerful copywriting message that sells, and much, MUCH more. Throughout the chapters, the tips that were given were to help you to see copywriting isn't just writing a flowery description about a product. It's about convincing a target audience they can't live without having a certain product. It's about belief in the product. It's also about being able to express all of this in such a way that your message targets the audience most likely to buy the product you are selling. Does this sound a bit overwhelming to you? It might, but that's okay. Look into the competition and find their weaknesses. The iPad advertisers did this perfectly, in that they knew the public still suspiciously views the innovative and complicated systems produced by iPad competitors. Instead of describing their system in a complex way, they demonstrated it as totally suitable to everyone's lifestyle in a stylish way. That's clever, honest copywriting, and it hit the target audience in a way no one could have anticipated. The new iPad Air has equally taken the imagination of the public by storm by offering lightness the old iPad didn't offer. However, you'd be hard pressed to make an iPad user part with the technology once you made the sale. We told a similar story about cut-price airlines and how luxury airlines exploited the fact that "no frills" may not be what a discerning traveler is looking for. A good copywriter knows the following: The benefits of the product to the target population The competition and what it offers in comparison with your product The medium by which advertising will be spread The time limits or constraints the copywriter must work within The public sector at which the adverts are aimed Once you add having a great vocabulary coming up with brief but imaginative copy people automatically associate with the product, you will have sufficient information to persuade the public to buy. Look back at the catchphrases we shared with you, as some of these are so typical of what is being used to lure the public these days. Some of these will last for generations because consumers believe in what they are investing. Aside from the eventual monetary aspect of being a successful copywriter, this book will teach you many other invaluable secondary skills related to the industry. You will get to find out what every beginner copywriter needs to know, what qualities a copywriter should have, how to utilize different copywriting styles, and you will learn how to apply your learned knowledge in a real-life situation, which is what matters ultimately. I hope my book will help aspiring copywriters, enthusiasts and anyone interested in the industry who are looking for that perfect break-through in their career, while also providing you with an awesome, fun way to improve your skills. So, convince yourself with your own eyes about what I am talking about and start reading the only book you will ever need to become a successful copywriter!
تعداد صفحه 90
نوع چاپ BOOK
دسته بندی Business & Economics
رتبه بندی سنی NOT_MATURE
زبان en
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