Sexuality Education Theory and Practice

دانلود، تحویل فوری، خرید آنلاین و فیزیکی، نسخه ارجینال

نسخه های الکترونیکی بعد از خرید، فوری تحویل داده خواهند شد.

جدول کتاب Sexuality Education Theory and Practice:

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عنوان 40 Day Intimacy Challenge For Couples
زیر عنوان Ignite Intimacy In Your Marriage Through Conversation, Romance, And Sexuality In This Couples Workbook
نویسنده Blue Rock Workbooks
ناشر Independently Published
تاریخ انتشار 2019-11-04
توضیحات Use This Intimacy Couples Challenge To Take Your Relationship To The Next Level Relationships can be tough, especially marriages with kids. Life gets in the way, and time for each other decreases. Enter the 40 Day Intimacy Challenge! This challenge can be done every day, or every 2 days, or even weekly. You must be consistent however. Each day there is a new conversation starter or activity to complete, and a page for each of you to reflect on that conversation or activity. This challenge is designed to spark conversation, romance, and sexuality! What Kinds Of Challenges Can You Expect? Talk about goals Massages for each other Cooking together Flirty texts Dates Cuddling Sex & More!
تعداد صفحه 85
نوع چاپ BOOK
رتبه بندی سنی NOT_MATURE
زبان en
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